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This site will provide you with important facts about organic foods and beverages, information about current trends in the organic industry and we hope, an objective look at the organic market as it relates to consumer interests.

One important and often overlooked segment of the organic movement is the packaging for organic foods and beverages. Some packaging materials may contain synthetic chemicals that migrate into foods and beverages, altering the natural “organic” composition of such products. However, glass containers are composed of all naturally occurring elements and no synthetic chemicals. Glass has been the safe container of choice for over 800 years, while plastic containers have only been around for a few decades and contain synthetic materials with unknown impact on our foods.

Recently the focus of food manufacturers and concerned consumers has moved to the impact packaging materials may have on human biological and genetic processes. Scientists continue to raise concerns over chemicals found in certain packaging materials, such as “endocrine disruptors” in plastics, and are beginning to study and quantify the accumulating impact of chemicals on reproductive, puberty, brain and sexual behavior. Suspected disruptive chemicals found in plastic packaging include bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates and antimony. By collecting many of these stories and studies on this site, we hope to provide information for you the consumer to make informed decisions on the packaging materials for your natural organic foods and beverages.