Beauty Brands Say Farewell to Plastic Packaging

Published: 24 September 2010
Category: Organic Products in Glass, Packaging CONCERNS, Recycling, Sustainability

According to “Stylelist,” two of the beauty industry’s biggest players—Whole Foods and Procter & Gamble—are passing new regulations for sustainable and recyclable packaging. The new Whole Foods regulations go into effect this month and mandate that suppliers use packaging materials that are easily reused or recycled, are non-toxic, and that they switch from plastic to glass when possible. Insiders say that much like regulations on organic beauty products passed by Whole Foods this summer, the new rules will cause many brands to adapt their packaging, regardless of wherever else they are sold. Supermodel and Pantene endorser Gisele Bundchen also announced Procter & Gamble’s plans last month to switch to sustainable packaging made from sugarcane produced in her home country of Brazil.

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