Consumers Can and Should Reduce BPA Exposure

Published: 29 May 2009
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Packaging CONCERNS, Recycling

“The Oakland Tribune” reports while some plastic food and beverage containers get recycled, “mountains of trash” are amassing in our landfills and off our beaches. It is reportedly estimated that there is more plastic floating in the ocean than plankton, and more disappointing, most of this plastic is created for food and beverage companies and is directly tied into our choices as consumers. According to the article, “it’s not what’s in packaged food that should give us the greatest pause—it’s the packaging itself.” Most food packaging, including cans, many bottles and plastic or foil pouches, contains ingredients that may be directly hazardous to human health, including the additive bisphenol A (BPA), which is a synthetic estrogen.

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