T.O. (Totally Organic) Bevy Beverages

Published: 29 October 2007
Category: Organic Products in Glass

npg-1107-06.jpg T.O. (or Totally Organic) Bevy Beverages have a 5% organic alcohol content and are available in four delicious flavors—MANG (an organic mango juice blend with a hint of orange and organic alcohol); BLACUR (an organic black currant juice blended with organic alcohol); CRAN (an organic cranberry juice and organic alcohol blend); and POMM (organic pomegranate juice blended with a burst of blueberry and organic alcohol). All T.O. Bevy Beverages contain no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no added sugar. Totally Organic Bevy Beverages are available in 12 oz. glass bottles featuring bold and vibrant labeling.