Schwarzenegger Bill Banning Phthalates Could be “Harbinger of Change”

Published: 23 October 2007
Category: Cancer link & plastic packaging, Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates

According to the Contra Costa Times, Assembly Bill 1108, passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, may be a “harbinger of change” as it bans a class of chemicals called phthalates used in cosmetics and to soften and increase the flexibility of plastics (such as some plastics found in children’s toys, baby bottles, and other plastics food and beverage packaging). The article reports children are “particularly susceptible and may be born prematurely if exposed as a fetus to phthalates during pregnancy.” Phthalates have also “been linked to lower testosterone and sperm counts, genital defects and testicular cancer among males.”

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