Independent Group of BPA Researchers Issues Warning about BPA Exposure to Fetuses

Published: 28 August 2007
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Cancer link & plastic packaging, Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

According to the Chicago Tribune, researchers are reportedly advising people to stop heating polycarbonate plastic baby bottles because they allegedly contain bisphenol A (BPA), an “estrogen-like compound” used to make shatterproof plastic baby bottles and food-can linings, which can potentially leach from such containers into contained foods and beverages. According to the article, “animal research has linked even low-level exposure to everything from female reproductive disorders, early puberty, early-stage breast and prostate cancer, and decreased sperm count to attention and developmental problems.” A federal panel of scientists recently concluded that there is “some concern” the chemical could adversely effect children; however, a separate independent group of 38 BPA researchers, reportedly considered experts on the chemical, issued the warning in the journal Reproductive Toxicology that “very low levels of exposure to the chemical can potentially pose adverse health effects, especially to a fetus.”

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