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Earth’s Best Organic My First Soups

Published: 19 February 2007
Category: Organic Products in Glass


Earth’s Best recently introduced four new varieties to its line of My First Soups—Butternut Squash Bisque My First Soup, Country Vegetable Chicken My First Soup, Split Pea and Carrot My First Soup, and Sweet Potato Cinnamon My First Soup. Each soup variety contains four grams of protein and three or more grams of fiber per 170 g. glass jar. My First Soups are not made with any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and contain no added salt. These soups are made from the freshest fruits and vegetables and contain all organic ingredients. Earth’s Best Organic My First Soups are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.


Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter

Published: 19 February 2007
Category: Organic Products in Glass


Santa Cruz recently introduced its line of organic peanut butters, which are available in four varieties—Dark Roasted Creamy, Dark Roasted Crunchy, Light Roasted Creamy and Light Roasted Crunchy. These organic peanut butters are made with USDA Certified Organic Spanish peanuts and contain no hydrogenated oils, no added sugars and no artificial ingredients. Santa Cruz’s Organic Peanut Butter varieties are now available at specialty and health-food stores nationwide in 16 oz. glass jars.


Food For Thought Organic Hot Sauces

Published: 16 February 2007
Category: Organic Products in Glass


Food For Thought has added to its line of quality organic products with the introduction of three new Organic Righteous Hot Sauces: Chipotle, Chipotle Habanero and Cherry Habanero. Food For Thought’s Hot Sauces are made from organic peppers and are a tasty addition to salad dressings, meats, vegetables and soups. These revved-up hot sauces are now available in 5 oz. glass bottles.


Antimony suspected to leach from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles

Published: 14 February 2007
Category: PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Packaging CONCERNS, Studies/Federal Regulations

According to Environmental Science & Technology Online, some polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles leach antimony, a reported catalyst in the manufacturing of polyethylene terephthalate, and as plastic polyethylene terephthalate water bottles are stored for longer durations of time, some of such “plastic bottles leach more of the trace element than others.” According to one […]


U.S. Wellness Leader Reports Phthalates are within the “Top 10 most common environmental toxins”

Published: 13 February 2007
Category: Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates

The Vancouver Sun published an article about Dr. Joseph Mercola’s report on the ten most prevalent toxins in our air, water and/or food supply, and among those, listed phthalates, which he reports are used “to lengthen the life of fragrances and soften plastics” and pose reported risks of “endocrine system damage (phthalates chemically mimic hormones […]


California Ocean Protection Council Calls to “Crackdown” on Plastics Food Container Trash

Published: 12 February 2007
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Cancer link & plastic packaging, Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

According to the Los Angels Times, the California Ocean Protection Council has called for “an aggressive crackdown on plastic fast-food containers, a ban of those containing toxic chemicals and a program to reimburse police for vigorous enforcement of littering laws.” The Council has allegedly sought resolutions to “reduce beach trash and marine debris and […]


Food Protection Agency Sets Maximum Levels for Chemical Intake

Published: 8 February 2007
Category: Packaging CONCERNS

According to Food Quality News, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reevaluated food contact materials for their effects on human health. According to the article, “EU legislation requires that all materials that come into contact with food comply with health standards so that safe food remains safe. The main problem stems from chemicals […]


Glass Packaging Set to Lose Weight for Environmental Benefits

Published: 7 February 2007
Category: Recycling, Sustainability

According to WRAP, the glass packaging industry is increasing its sustainability platform with the use of lightweight glass containers, which could save “65,000 tonnes of glass and 48,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by 2009 – the equivalent of taking 28,000 cars off the road.” This new project reportedly aims to save 20,000 tonnes of […]


Synthetic Chemicals in the Body may Affect Ability to have Children

Published: 6 February 2007
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

The Oakland Tribune reports that some chemicals known as endocrine disruptors—such as bisphenol A, which is allegedly found in some plastics products including packaging and children’s toys—may affect your “ability to reproduce—and the health of your child and even your child’s children.” According to the article, people should take precautions to avoid such chemicals […]