Fetal Exposure to “Endocrine-Disruptors” May Cause Obesity Later in Life

Published: 26 February 2007
Category: Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

According to Environment News Service, exposure to environmental chemicals found in common products, “from plastic bottles and containers to pesticides and electronics,” while in the womb “may make a person more prone to obesity later in life, new research indicates.” Professor Frederick vom Saal, professor of biological sciences in University of Missouri-Columbia’s College of Arts and Science, has found “when fetuses are exposed to these chemicals, the way their genes function may be altered to make them more prone to obesity and disease.” These “endocrine-disrupting chemicals” can reportedly “change the functioning of a fetus’s genes, altering a baby’s metabolic system and predisposing him or her to obesity,” according to vom Saal.

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