Packaging Digest’s “Sustainable Packaging Podcast” Highlights the Strengths of Glass

Published: 22 February 2007
Category: Sustainability

Packaging Digest recently posted a “Sustainable Packaging Podcast” on its new Sustainability Micro-Site on which leaders in the packaging industry give their definitions of sustainability in packaging. Seven packaging leaders participated in the Podcast, including Kevin Stevens, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, North American Glass Containers, O-I, Joseph Cattaneo, President of the Glass Packaging Institute, and representatives from design, consumer products goods and other industry sectors.

While each industry spokesperson defined sustainability in his or her own words, several themes recurred across all definitions: Sustainable packaging has social and economic values; should be healthy for the environment as well as humans; is recyclable and made from renewable resources; should reduce the amount of packaging required; is a cradle-to-cradle material; and helps an industry meet business, environmental and social goals simultaneously.

Both Stevens and Cattaneo highlighted how glass packaging meets this industry-recognized definition of sustainable packaging and the reasons why glass is an invaluable leader in the sustainable packaging movement.

Listen to the Podcast