Leaching Chemicals, Endocrine Disrupters and Possible Human Health Risks

Published: 23 January 2007
Category: Cancer link & plastic packaging, Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS, Phthalates

According to the Sunday Herald, Scotland’s award-winning independent newspaper, as the “use of chemicals in our everyday life has increased, so too have the cases of cancer, hormonal and reproductive problems and neurological disorders.” The article reports that the average woman uses 12 toiletries every day, and in doing so, applies more than 175 chemical compounds to her body. The article also reports that over the past 30 years, the number of breast cancer cases has risen by an “astonishing” 81 percent. These chemicals, which can allegedly have adverse effects on humans, are often referred to as “endocrine disrupters.” Phthalates, chemicals that are often reported as endocrine disrupters, are found in “skincare products, children’s toys, perfumes, paints, sex toys and plastics to make them more flexible.” According to the article, “large amounts of phthalates can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the developing testes by leaching into the body through saliva or transferred from plastic packaging into meat, dairy and processed foods.”

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