Heredity Concerns over chemicals

Published: 28 December 2006
Category: Bisphenol A (BPA), Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

Women’s News reports that “synthetic chemicals that pervade the environment and the bodies of mothers and their children are attracting scientific inquiry.” According to the article, synthetic chemicals may be traveling through the umbilical cord to unborn children, possibly causing health and developmental problems later in life for that child. The article reports, “Recent studies have detected these pesticides, plastics and polymers not only in umbilical cord blood, but in the placenta, in human milk and in the bloodstreams and body fat of infants.” While scientists continue to work on this issue, the article suggests that “consumers to shun pesticides, remove outdoor shoes in the house, choose fragrance- and toxin-free products, use baby bottles that are free of a carcinogenic chemical called bisphenol-A and press authorities for stricter laws and more studies.” Some scientists report that using plastic baby bottles may be dangerous to babies’ health as the plastic may possibly leach chemicals into the contents of the bottle.

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