Bombilla & Gourd

Published: 27 December 2006
Category: Organic Products in Glass


Bombilla & Gourd beverages boast all the benefits of maté, which offers more antioxidants than green tea for fending off colds and germs, calm energy from caffeine, euphoric stimulants from theobromine, and soothing elements from theophylline. This USDA certified organic beverage also offers 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids. The beverage gets its name from Argentina, where yerba maté is sipped through a metal straw, called a “bombilla,” and brewed in a hallowed out “gourd.” Bombilla & Gourd maté teas are available in three flavors—Lemon, Mint & Honey, and Peach—and contain only 40 calories per serving. The company uses the motto “Stimulate. Sustain. Protect.” making the beverages’ 16 oz. glass bottle packaging a perfect choice for the Bombilla & Gourd brand.