Ted Turner Promotes Sustainable Practices for his Montana Grill restaurants, including using “recyclable glass bottles”

Published: 12 December 2006
Category: Recycling, Sustainability

When Ted Turner, the successful media and now restaurant entrepreneur, opened his national American eateries, Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants, he vowed to offer comfort foods, an inviting 20th century ambiance, and, to use “natural materials”. So, for Ted’s “eco-friendly restaurant”, as he calls it, “menus are printed using recycled paper, no plastics are used in the restaurant and soft drinks are served in recyclable glass bottles.” According to some package indsutry insiders, while glass bottles are fully recycled and are made of abundant natural materials, plastics are only “downcycled,” meaning that not all elements of such packaging can be reused. Click below to read more about Ted Turner’s Montana Grill restaurants and his other charitable and environmentally responsible endeavors.

About Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants