Yet another plastic and breast cancer report

Published: 25 August 2006
Category: Cancer link & plastic packaging, Packaging CONCERNS

Bisphenol A, a “pseudo-estrogen” chemical, appears to be absorbed by breast tumor cells, according to researchers who recently published the study in the August 28 issue of Chemistry and Biology. According to the article, American researchers have discovered a “biological mechanism that allows the compound to concentrate in tumor cells.”

According to the article, “Healthy cells don’t readily absorb bisphenol sulfate, one of the body’s metabolized forms of BPA. So, many experts have assumed the chemical might be harmless.”

However, the current research shows that “it turns out that breast tumor cells are different than normal cells,” and that they can “actually convert bisphenol sulfate back into bisphenol-A, which can then be taken up into tumor cells.”

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