“Tetra Pak is the Hummer and glass is the bicycle.”

Published: 26 July 2006
Category: Tetra Pak

The Toronto Star recently responded to the media attention surrounding wine packaging and repudiates claims by Tetra Pak representatives that their packaging material is more “environmentally friendly” than glass packaging. The Star quotes an activist with the Toronto Environmental Alliance, who says, “Tetra Pak is the Hummer and glass is the bicycle. I don’t think we should even be allowing Tetra Pak to be used as a beverage container.” What’s more, the article comments that the “majority of the material in a Tetra Pak does not get recycled,” and that the seemingly impressive statistics about the Tetra Pak container are based on an internally run study conducted by the Tetra Pak industry. The Star further reports that “the [glass] bottle is still a better choice because it’s easier to recycle, it has potential for reuse and, finally, because it is actually put out for recycling—and people are not putting their Tetra Paks out for recycling.”

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