When tap water is safe, is buying it out of the bottle environmental insanity?

Published: 29 June 2006
Category: PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Packaging CONCERNS

Britain recently reported that the UK’s tap water is among the safest and purest in the world, yet more than two billion liters of bottled water fly of the shelves per year. According to The Independent, a British news publication, environmentally friendly groups are arguing that “the energy cost of producing a billion plastic bottles from by-products of crude oil, transporting the water over hundreds or thousands of miles and then disposing of the containers in landfill sites or incinerators made bottled water one of Britain’s most wasteful luxuries.” The article calls bottle water consumption “environmental insanity” and reports that tap water is high quality and is sitting in taps at a “fraction of the price to the planet and to our wallets.”

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