A Warning about heating plastics

Published: 22 June 2006
Category: Cancer link & plastic packaging, Hormonal Changes, Packaging CONCERNS

Researchers recently discovered a link between exposure to bisphenol (BPA) in the womb and cancer, according to this report. According to the article, “Environmental Health Experts are concerned that BPA in some plastics might leach out when heated.” BPA, a man-made chemical that allegedly disrupts the body’s natural hormone system, has received much negative press of late due to its alleged links with cancer and hormone issues.

The lead researcher for this study, Dr. Shuk-mei Ho, said, “We found that a very low dose exposure to Bisphenol A, early on in life will make the prostate very susceptible to cancer development later in life.”

She further comments, “The chemicals may re-program the prostate targeting some very specific DNA sequences, and make them behave very differently in old age.”

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